What do we use Deputy for?

What do we use Deputy for?

We use Deputy to schedule various shifts where volunteers are regularly needed or on a more ad-hoc basis. It really helps to keep the admin down! It's broken down into 'locations' (e.g. phone monitors, Kristal Pharmacy deliveries or Matching Masters' and 'area' (e.g. car needed or bike needed).

Our current locations

  • Phone and email monitors

  • Social media managers

  • Pickups and deliveries

  • Matching Masters

  • Zone Coordinators

  • NunUnFed Cooked Meals deliveries (H&S training required)

  • Kristal Pharmacy deliveries

How to join

If you're joining one of the above teams, you’ll get an email invitation from Deputy and all you need to do is click to accept the invitation and go to Deputy. Once you have accepted the invite, you’ll get another email with your password and PIN. Don't delete this email, it might come in handy in future.

TIP: Sync Deputy with your calendar so you never forget a session!

Get the Smartphone App

After you have accepted your invite, find the Deputy App on your Apple or Android store. Download it and log in. You’ll easily figure it out how to use the app. If you can use Facebook, you can use Deputy.

  • The News Feed allows your team to share messages and photos (just like Facebook for work - without the cat videos).

  • Your ‘Me’ screen shows you all upcoming and available shifts, plus past timesheets.

  • You’ll get notifications when your schedule is published, and when open shifts are available. You can also request leave and advise of unavailability, plus much more.

<a href=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deputy.android"/>

The Navigation bar is the simple-to-use way to get to where you want to go in Deputy.

The Navigation bar has eight different options, a ‘Help’ drop menu, a notifications icon and your name, which allows easy access to your profile. The two areas you'll use the most are 'Me' and 'News Feed'.


In the Me tab, you will find the current week divided into days. In here you can see any sifts you're scheduled for as well as any that are available for all of the locations you're a part of.

News Feed

News Feed is a social media-like function that means we can share important updates or information with everyone in that location and you can pass on any handovers.

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