Our primary aim is to connect people in Nunhead, Peckham and the surrounding areas to each other and offer opportunities to support the community. This is built on the premise of neighbour to neighbour support and the belief that if we can help each other through difficult times, we will thrive together.

Nunhead Knocks aims to create a community of people who have had new opportunities to know, trust and show care for their neighbours, some using existing skills or those they didn't know they had to help each other out. We are built on the principle that at any time, any community member could need support or have something to contribute, and the belief that we should try our utmost to meet their needs.

As volunteers, Nunhead Knocks have created networks with other community led and mutual aid groups. We've supplied hundreds of free hot meals. We've contributed copious bags of donated food to food banks and food parcels to people who need them. We've shopped for people who can't and we've picked up prescriptions. We've listened on the phone. We're here for you.

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