Nunhead Knocks is a volunteer organisation made up of neighbors sharing their time, effort, skills and expertise to help those in our community in need of assistance. This is a list of some of our key roles, but as we evolve we will continue to add new positions to ensure that we meet the needs of our community.

If you have expertise in any of these areas please get in touch via If you want to help, but aren't quite sure how your skills could fit in, we're always looking to fill, keep watching our Roles page on the website.

Matching roles

  • Matching volunteer coordinators

  • Matching champions

  • Matching specialists

Volunteer roles

  • Volunteer coordinators

  • Volunteer champions

  • Volunteer fun champions

NunUnFed and service delivery roles

  • Zone coordinators

  • Food parcel champions

  • Cook champions (hygiene qualifications required)

  • Food parcel champions

  • Food bank champions

  • Phone buddies

Community outreach

  • Benefits and long term support champions

  • Street team - local champions involved in flyering and putting up posters across the community

Incoming communications

  • Communications monitors

  • Email champions

  • Content managers

External liaison

  • PR and media specialists

  • Business liaison

  • Charity liaison

  • Mutual aid liaison

  • Health and safety advisors

  • Outreach

Marketing and social media roles

  • Social media monitors - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nextdoor

  • Digital marketing and content champions

  • Internal communications - newsletters, surveys and events

  • Editorial - blog and website champions

  • Visual content creation - photography, videography and content design

  • Website champions

Technical roles

  • IT support champions

  • IT developers


  • Treasurer

  • Fundraising champions

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