The maximum per week that can be topped up is £10 each for gas electric, or £20 for one. This can be done for 3 weeks.

For more detailed information on what we can spend look here.

  • Stay 2 metres away from the person who is in isolation at all times

  • Place the items outside their door

  • Call the person to let them know you are outside

  • Request that the owners of the electricity card disinfects it before giving it to you and also on receipt as well as washing hands afterwards

  • Step away 2 metres from their door and ask them to leave the card on the doorstep. After they have closed their door pick up the card with gloves on and disinfect the card with disinfectant wipes/ spray.

  • After the card has been topped up repeat this process in reverse. Disinfect the card and leave it outside the door.

  • Step 2 metres away from the door and ring the person to let them know you have topped it up. The card must not be left on the doorstep. If this happens liaise with the individual or your Zone Coordinator on the next steps.

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