Nunhead Knocks volunteers have signed up to provide support to their community - each other - in this crisis, but there are some things we can’t do, either because we aren’t qualified, or it’s not safe, or it’s not appropriate.

Our support is, by its nature, time limited to the crisis and does not replace professional service provision.

For more information on what we can spend funds on look here.

Here’s a guide to what we are currently supporting people with

  • Doing shopping/deliveries for self-isolators who can pay them back online or in cash (see safety protocols). We can do one shop per week until you have access to other social support

  • Dog walking for self-isolators

  • Connecting people who want someone to talk to with volunteer befrienders

  • Providing hot meals to particularly vulnerable people who used to get them from a service provider such as a lunch club

  • Doing shopping/deliveries for people who can’t pay right now because they don’t have online banking

  • Providing shopping free of charge to people who can’t afford food and can’t pay us back

  • Providing signposting to other services

What if someone cannot afford to pay?

  • The weekly limit is up to £35 inclusive for up to two adults, with an additional £15 for each additional person resident in the household.

  • The monetary limit is for essential household supplies (toilet roll, kitchen roll, cleaning products etc), pet food and personal hygiene supplies (soap, toothpaste, sanitary supplies etc) only. It may not include drinks other than juice/squash, milk or milk alternative, tea or coffee.

  • No alcohol, cigarettes or other non-essential items.

  • Shopping can include electricity and phone top up but the amount is strictly limited to £10 each for gas or electricity, or £20 for one, and £5 for phone. We will pay for essential prescription costs.

  • The maximum length of time this level of financial support can be given is 3 weeks

We are a crisis service and are not a replacement for long-term service provision. We should not be a service that a person comes to rely on.

What if someone needs longer term support?

If you feel that a person who has approached NK is going to need long term support please raise this with the Matcher who allocated them to you as they will need signposting to other services in the long run. We need to be boundaried with the support we provide.

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