Food Safety

  • Foods should always be kept either below 5°C or above 63°C. Between these two temperatures is the area known as the danger zone - the temperature range within which bacteria grow most quickly. Temperature above or below these limits gives the bacteria as little chance as possible to multiply.

  • Your delivery should take no more than 30 minutes, to minimise the amount the food has cooled. If your delivery is taking longer than that, please return to the kitchen for a fresh portion.

Keeping Food Safe During Delivery

  • Please bring a an insulated carrier if possible

  • Carriers must be disinfected before and after every service

  • If you cannot find an insulated carrier or you are on a bicycle, please provide 5 clean tea towels to wrap the food and keep it insulated during delivery. Please also provide a clean disposable carrier bag that will be discarded afterwards.

  • Tea towels should be washed immediately you return home

  • Oven gloves may be brought to pick up containers, but they must be clean and washed after every delivery

Instructions for Reheating Food

  • The following instructions should be clearly presented with the food (eg with an attached note). If not, please speak to the cooking lead via

  • Ideally, reheat food immediately it is delivered. If not, keep food chilled (in the fridge) until re-heating.

  • Boil any sauces for 2 mins, stirring regularly

  • If using a microwave, stir frequently and leave to stand for 2 minutes.

  • Eat reheated food immediately, do not leave to cool or reheat a second time.

  • Do not reheat leftovers.

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