Nunhead Knocks was started by neighbours to support neighbours. We are built on the principle that at any time, any community member could need support or have something to contribute. 

Ways we can support you

  1. Delivering food, shopping and other supplies 

  2. Collecting prescriptions 

  3. A friendly, regular person to talk to

  4. Dog walking and support with other animal needs

  5. Cooked meals for those that need them

  6. Support for those who cannot afford to buy food whilst they access longer term support

  7. Safe ways to pay for deliveries so you do not need to share your details

  8. Passwords so you know who is contacting you is from Nunhead Knocks

  9. Parcels of food, household items and other needed supplies

  10. Collection of donations through our Donation Stations 

  11. Food and meal delivery to other groups like youth groups, TRA's, care leavers

  12. Feeling part of a community during this time through our Whatsapp groups, Facebook page, organisation groups and socials. 

Please note, your data will be completely secure when contacting us at Nunhead Knocks. We also do not share information with the council or other governing bodies. If your residency is not confirmed, we can help you safely. 

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