Vision: Assuming that this crisis won’t really end for at least a year, what does our community look like in a year, as a result of what we’ve done? An effective vision statement ensures everyone working toward the same shared ideas about the world we’re trying to create.

Mission: This is the statement of why we exist; a succinct summary of the group’s essential reason for existence or core purpose. Some mission statements may include other elements, such as references to how an organization achieves its impact or what it most values.

Our vision

When we look to the future, we see a community that has not only survived the coronavirus epidemic, but thrived. We envision a community that has come together to endeavour that nobody went hungry, nobody was left lonely, nobody missed their medications because they were unable to leave their home; a community that worked to keep neighbourhood businesses running so they could help rebuild a vibrant local economy; a community of people who have had new opportunities to know, trust, and show care for their neighbours some using existing skills, or those they didn’t know they had, but always ready to lend a hand; some connecting with neighbours they didn’t know when they needed support; some doing both. And we see a community forever changed, we sincerely hope, for the better: more open, more inclusive, more compassionate, more connected than before.

Our Mission

Together, we connect people in Nunhead, Peckham, and surrounding areas to each other and offer opportunities to support the community. This may include: connecting people requiring support to neighbours who can assist, providing community information, identifying and organising volunteering opportunities, working with local businesses to provide community services, and raising awareness of opportunities for action. We are built on the principle that at any time, any community member could need support or have something to contribute.  

Our values

  • We acknowledge the power of kindness and empathy.

  • We are made up of community members and focus on our local community,  recognising that when it comes to experiences we should learn from, collaborate with, and share amongst others more broadly.

  • We prioritise keeping our community members safer in their interactions, and protecting their data.

  • We are open, inclusive and do not tolerate discrimination. We value everyone. 

  • We seek broad input, engagement, and scrutiny and make decisions with the maximum appropriate engagement possible at all levels.

  • We work to be pragmatic problem solvers in the short term with a view to the longterm good

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