Not sure what this is about? To make sure that all our volunteers and anyone we help is kept safe and secure, all data is on a database with restricted access. Only those who have gone through the training and need access to all data as part of their volunteer role have access. 

  • Go to (if you don’t know how to do this you’d better call someone).

  • Use the menu on the top right of the page to navigate around...

  • You may be asked to login if you wish to see some of the restricted areas such as grids, volunteer info etc. If so, then enter the email you registered with as the user and the INTRANET password you were sent by email.

  • Once you have logged in you may still be asked for a password for some of the database areas and forms (use the FORM password, again sent in the email)

  • Watch both videos on the above page again to refresh your grey matter.

  • Go to whichever database view you need…

  • Don’t forget, to actually change anything you need to click on the two little blue arrows on the case number to open it up in full view.

  • Then click edit… then make your updates/changes, then click save.

  • If you need help please ask a fellow volunteer first, then use the it-support channel in Slack (not email) if you are still stuck.

  • It can take up to two minutes for a case to appear after the form has been sent (so don’t panic!)

Told you it was a short guide!

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