Firstly, thank you for volunteering your time and skills to Nunhead Knocks. As you’ll be aware, we are a community-based organization made up entirely of volunteers like yourself, so we’re enormously grateful for your support. Your efforts will help to support  people who need it the most in the Nunhead and Peckham community through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond; whether you deliver food, collect prescriptions, connect people to neighbours who can assist or act as a signpost to other services. 

The enclosed material provides key information on how you can volunteer more effectively and safely for Nunhead Knocks. Whatever inspired you to get involved, we want to do our best to make sure you feel valued and supported throughout your time with us. This handbook will help you to get started in your role – we hope you find it useful. 


  • About us

  • Our goal and principle

  • Volunteer policies

  • Quality assurance and best practice

  • Safeguarding

  • Confidentiality, privacy and GDPR

  • Expenses

  • Supported volunteers

About us

Nunhead Knocks is a community-based, all-volunteer organisation. We work within the Nunhead, Peckham, and Queens Road areas in Southwark connecting people in need of assistance due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Our goal and principle

Our goal is to ensure that no one in our community goes without essentials during this tough time, by creating a network of neighbours who can help each other in a range of ways. We are built on the principle that at any time, any community member could need support or have something to contribute. This may include: 

  • connecting people needing support to neighbours who can assist 

  • providing community information 

  • identifying and organising volunteering opportunities

  • working with local businesses to provide community services

  • raising awareness of opportunities for action

We have also established NunUnFed. Under the scheme, we have:

  • Established hyper-local food banks to collect donations

  • Shopped for and deliver groceries to local residents

  • Produced and distributed home-cooked meals

If you want to read the full mission, visionary's nd values and values statement you can find it here.

Volunteer policies

We aim to ensure the best possible experience for both Nunhead Knocks clients and volunteers and our policies and guidance for volunteers reflect this. 

Quality Assurance and best practice 

We have produced more in-depth guidance on key roles. If you are undertaking one of these roles, you will be provided with a link to it. Please consult the guidance and confirm via hello@hunheadknocks.comthat you have read and understood it, and are content to proceed with the position on this basis. This  applies to the following roles:

  • Zone Coordinators 

  • Matching  Specialists

  • Comms Monitors

  • Volunteers  undertaking any type of delivery


Nunhead Knocks recognises that all people have a fundamental right to be protected from harm when volunteering.  Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, particularly when volunteering with a client base that includes vulnerable people  and we at Nunhead Knocks take it very seriously. Our policy and guidance can be found here. If you believe that you have identified a safeguarding issue, or have any concerns at all, please raise it with  the person who gave you the referral immediately and they will  support you to speak to a Matching Specialist with professional knowledge, or contact our safeguarding specialists. 

Confidentiality, privacy and GDPR

We’re a community volunteering group, so what we care most about is supporting people appropriately. Consequently, we’ll always have  privacy and confidentiality  embedded in our working practices. We aren’t commercial and we would never share your information for commercial purposes. Our full privacy policy can be found here.


In a small number of cases, such as when shopping for others, you may incur expenses which you are entitled to reclaim. Full guidance is available here

Supporting volunteers

Nunhead Knocks welcomes all volunteers from our community; there are lots of things that need doing! We have anti discrimination built into our values that we will continue to take seriously and act on in our ways of working. We will do our best to work together to provide a mutually supportive environment of respect within the volunteer community and will endeavour to ensure that the needs of our volunteers are met. If you have questions about your role or feel unsure, please ask for support.

For certain roles extra training will be required. If this is the case, your Zone Coordinator or Project Lead will ensure that this is provided to you as required. If you require specific assistance or guidance, please contact

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