Neighbour to neighbour support is central to Nunhead Knocks, and we've tried to keep this assistance as local as possible through the creation of local Zone Coordinators.

We have 29 zones across Nunhead, Queens Road Peckham and Peckham Rye. We have assigned two Zone Coordinators per zone, as well as a Mutual Aid representative (who will be responsible for providing alignment between the Nunhead Knocks and the Mutual Aid organisations).

How the role works

Zone Coordinators will work together to take on standard cases, match volunteers to requesters and monitor the relationship, be the point of contact for any questions (channeling these back to the central team if needed) and follow up to ensure that cases have been successfully completed/ongoing relationships are still working.

Further information and safeguarding instructions can be found here

As a Zone Coordinator, you will need to work closely with your partner and the local Mutual Aid representative to triage incoming requests and offers of assistance. You and your partner should agree availability to ensure your availability to assist at any given time.

Ongoing monitoring:

If it is a one off request (e.g. collection of one prescription) ask the volunteer to notify you once it is complete (and ask the requestor to notify you if they have any feedback) then mark this as status ‘complete’ in the database.

If it is an ongoing case, check in with both parties weekly via the agreed method of communication to confirm how the match is going and provide any support.

Queries and requests:

As well as acting as the glue to support your volunteers and requesters in your local area, you are also the person to go to for any queries and requests. If you know the answer then feel free to respond. However:

  • Where the query relates to phone calls/cooking/dog walking please refer this to the leads for these areas

  • Where queries relate to deliveries, please see the delivery guidance

  • Where you are unsure please refer these questions if not sensitive to the Zone Coordinators' Slack channel, or, if that doesn’t help or it’s sensitive, to your overall Zone Champion

  • When the query relates to finance, please refer to the guidance here.

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