Setting up your collection point

Let NK know you are setting up a collection point, we will support you!

  • Decide on the collection point location

  • Decide drop off times (if neededAdvertise  collection off point (or delegate the advertising  to someone else!)Information for advert

  • Where is the collection point 

  • When is the collection time (if needed)

What supplies are needed How to get the word out? Posters, flyers, social media (email, WhatsApp, Facebook), banners, sky writing, trumpets. NK can support you with this. You need to organise the collection time on the day with the NK driver, be the point of contact and around to troubleshoot.

After your collection point is set up

  • Make sure the  collection point is well advertised and easy to find

  • Ensure no perishable  items are collected 

  • Be the point of contact for the  regular donations pick up

  • If you are overflowing with an unmanageable amount of donations, organise a collection with an NK driver.

  • Give yourself a high five

If you'd like to set up a donation station in your area, contact and Deborah will give you a hand!

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