Getting started

During this crisis demand on food banks is incredibly high. In response to this food donations are needed more than ever and  Nunhead Knocks want to generate more donations by setting up local food collection points. This is where you come in!

Thank you for responding to this crisis by setting up a food collection point in your zone. Nunhead knocks are here to support you every step of the way.


Do you have a location in mind in your zone which would make a great donation collection point? Perhaps you have access to a community hall? Or maybe you own the local shop? If so, get in contact and let's discuss setting something up!

No location? No problem! You can set up a temporary food collection point at a location that is prominent and convenient for you and your neighbours. NK will help you to coordinate your ideas to maximise their impact.

Temporary food collection points

Why not set up a temporary food collection point? All you need is a prominent location and regular drop off times. For example, set up a collection point for your block of flats by letting the local community know you will be collecting their donations in a box outside the front door every Saturday morning between 9 and 10 (time, location, frequency is up to you!) 

Alternatively you can let your neighbours know you are going to collect the donations at a particular time. All they need to do is leave the donations on their doorsteps for you to pick up!

NK will help with advertising, sign printing/ banner making/ leaflet distributing. Whatever you need to support your great work.

Static collection points

Do you know a shop or open business that could act as a food collection point? All we need from them is a little space and something safe to leave donations in. The rest will be managed by NK volunteers, which is where you come in. You would need to check in with the business to ensure they are happy, ensure the drop off area is well advertised, and be the point of contact for the weekly collection.

NK already have two Monday to Friday food collection centres at The Green community centre, Nunhead green and the Yard community space in Copeland park.  If you have somewhere in mind that could be used like this please get in contact. We would love to hear from you.

Collecting the donations

Your donations can be collected as frequently as needed by NK drivers. Once a week? Totally fine. You can organise this to happen at a time that is convenient for you and the driver. If you have an excess of donations and need then to be collected  you can  arrange for that eventuality too.

Hygiene/health and safety

We want to make this process as safe as possible. All drivers will wear PPE in the form of gloves and masks. All food will be held in quarantine for 72 hours before distribution. Anything else you think we should be doing, please let us know.

Have a look in the section on donating money and goods for more hints and tips to getting your food bank up and running. Good luck!

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