IMPORTANT: Do not add any personal information about who you were supporting on the expense title. You should only use the case number.

Request payment from Nunhead Knocks to be reimbursed for purchases. Expenses will be processed for payment once approved by an admin. Only the amount and description are public in our transparent budget—attachments, payment details, and other personal info is kept private.

A step step guide on submitting an expense

>> Go to the our Open Collective page and click "Submit Expense".

If you haven't already, you'll need to create an account to submit an expense. You will need to upload a receipt or invoice and provide your contact and payment details.

>> Select reimbursement and enter an expense title

This information is public so please do not put any personal information of the person you are supporting in the title. You should enter a brief description and the case number (if applicable).

For example: "Weekly food shopping for C1345." or "Posters for Rye Lane Zone".

>> Upload an image of your receipt

This should be a photo of your receipt where the date, vendor and any VAT paid is clearly visible.

>> Enter your reimbursement details

There are two ways to be reimbursed and you can save this information for future payouts.

  1. PayPal please ensure your email is correct. This is the quickest way to get reimbursed though we incur costs for this.

  2. Bank account please ensure your details are correct. Using this service is free of charge for Nunhead Knocks.

>> Add any notes

Here you can add any other notes that you would like to be shared with the Open Collective administrators. These notes are private and will not be seen on the public page.

>> Submit

Your expense will be approved by a member of the team and you'll get notified by email that your payment is getting processed. Thank you for your support!

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