What to check with who you're helping before going shopping

• Sizes/numbers of items, e.g. 2 packs of rice, 1 litre of milk, 5 Bananas
• Type – flavour, brand, etc. (for milk ask whole/semi-skimmed etc)
• If they have a preference for where you get the items, or know somewhere in particular that stocks the item.
• Whether they have a price limit on any items/overall.
• Whether or not they would be happy with a close alternative if you can’t get the exact product they want.
• How urgent their need is, e.g. are they going to run out of something today/tomorrow?
• Do they have any allergies?

When should you deliver the shopping?

Please check with your match, when you think you will be able to do their shop and deliver the items. It may be a good idea to ensure you have their number when you are shopping in case there are things you need them to confirm. Some requests have been really urgent and others have been planned ahead - it's always best to double check!

Once you understand what is needed, if you don’t have a car, consider whether you will be able to physically carry everything. If not, you should speak to your zone coordinator to see if they can give the request to somebody who has access to a car.

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