When collecting medication always make sure you confirm with your match that their prescription has been sent to the pharmacy and you take a valid form of ID.

What to do before picking up a prescription

Please ensure you have spoken to the individual and confirmed that their prescription has been sent to the pharmacy. Ask the person whose prescription you are collecting for their:  
• Full name
• Date of birth
• Address

Does the person you are collecting for usually pay for their prescription?

If yes, arrange to pay for items ahead of time and collect payment when dropping off the prescription. If they don't pay for prescriptions, check which exemption they qualify for (ticking the wrong box can lead to a £100 fine!).

What if the medication need to be stored in the fridge?

Most prescription items that must be stored in the fridge can only be left out at room temperature for around 30 minutes before needing to be refrigerated again. For all refrigerated prescriptions, these should be delivered within 15 minutes of collection.
Where possible, please take an insulated bag with you to keep prescriptions cold if needed. Please ensure that the bag is new or disinfected with you to collect the prescription and ask the pharmacist to place it directly in the bag to avoid unnecessary contact.

Does the prescription contain any items that are designated controlled drugs such as morphine, oxycodone, buprenorphine?

If yes, you will need to present photo ID (driver's licence, passport) when collecting the prescription. Some prescriptions carry a high street value, so please ensure that you place prescription bags out of sight.

How to collect the prescription

Tell the pharmacist that you are collecting a prescription on behalf of someone else and provide the person's details. You will be asked to sign the back of the prescription. Tick the appropriate prescription exemption or pay the prescription charges and retain the receipt for the person you are collecting for.

You may be asked to present your ID as you are picking up on behalf of someone else so please carry ID with you. The pharmacy may call the person to confirm that they are expecting someone else to collect on their behalf.

Do not open the prescription bag to avoid contaminating the items inside. As with all tasks, please ensure you wash your hands prior to going to the pharmacy, practice social distancing, and take hand sanitiser.

How to deliver a prescription

• Stay 2 metres away from the person who is in isolation at all times
• Place the items outside their door
• Call the person to let them know you are outside (to avoid touching doorbells, knockers etc.) If they live in a block of flats or other building with a communal entrance accessed by a buzzer, call/text and ask them to buzz you in, rather than pressing the button. If not possible, try and ring the doorbell with (for example) your elbow.
• You must ensure that the individual picks up the prescription.
• If they do not answer, try to contact by other means, e.g. phone.
• Prescriptions cannot be left on doorsteps. If you can’t make the delivery, please liaise with the individual, or your zone co-ordinator on next steps.

Prescriptions are sensitive, never disclose information

Prescriptions are private, and under no circumstances should you try and identify the contents of the prescription, nor discuss this with the individual, unless absolutely necessary. Should the individual disclose the information voluntarily, please be mindful and do not share the information on text messages or with others.

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