No matter what your living situation is, your neighbours and community are here to support you (and will likely need support in the future themselves too). 

Along with getting vital food and prescriptions, we’ve helped doctors get cars so that they can safely get to work, families in Wales that needed someone to check in on a local relative and nappies for isolating families. This isn’t just about supporting the most vulnerable in our community, it’s about neighbours being there to support one another.

We know that Covid-19 has not only affected those that may have benefited from us beforehand, but everyone is facing difficulty. Whether you're needing to self-isolate, can't make it to the shops for whatever reason, are a local business offering priority services, or someone who has lost their income, your neighbours are ready (and eager) to support you!

Let us know how we can help, via the form on our website or by calling 02074594428.

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